Thursday, March 11, 2010

3 Minute Chocolate Cake !!!

I am not kidding on this just takes 3 minutes to bake this cake and with all the pre-baking preparation it will hardly take 5 minutes.It may not be a delicious ,moist chocolate cake but it is sure a tasty treat especially if you are a chocky fan . And the best that you can get in 3 minutes !!!
I stumbled upon the recipe from this site and made it immediately. This also becomes my first cake post in the blog.

  • 4 tbsp cake flour/all purpose flour/maida(original recipe calls for cake flour;I used maida though)
  • 4 tbsp sugar(you can increase this if you wish)
  • 2 tbsp cocoa
  • 1 egg or use the Ener G equiv
  • 3 tbsp milk
  • 3 tbsp oil
  • 1 coffee mug (big size)
  • None.
  • Put all the dry ingredients one by one into the mug and mix well.
  • Then add all the wet ingredients and mix along with the dry ones.
  • Ta-da your mixture is ready !
  • Now keep the mug inside your microwave in HIGH for just 3 minutes.
  • Cake is ready.Do not miss the the fun part of the cake raising inside the microwave. It is a treat to watch :)

What are you waiting for? Go get your coffee mugs in action and let me know how it turned out :-)

Serving suggestions
  • Top it with a spoon of whipped cream and some cherries(Man, I wish I had some cherries with me :( )
  • Goes well with evening tea.
  • You can prepare the dough in a mixing bowl and then transfer it to the mug later. That would make the cake even perfect . (I was lazy to do that !! )
Sending this to the chocolate cake event hosted by Divya at Easy Kitchen


  1. 8 minutes! I feel like baking one right away! Well done with your first cake post!

  2. Hi first time here,thanks for your comments.Wonderful space.That's a quick dessert to rely on .Will surely hit it once dudette.Thanks for sharing such a droolworthy dessert.

  3. wow, 3 minutes ! seriously?
    my hubby is going to love this one, he is such a cake lover, and he hates that it takes so much before he could have it...hehehe

  4. Wow, love the under 10 minutes no-bake cake. It certainly is innovative and never heard of!

  5. Lovely dessert, daisyblue!!!great cake recipe to begin your cake posts...keep them coming!!!

  6. 3 mins cake really amazing...surely tastes yummy...

  7. Thxs for visiting my site & lovely comment..added you in my blogroll..
    Its really quick cake.. looks have a wonderful blog & yummy recipes..

  8. That is a quick way to enjoy a chocolate cake! Yum!

  9. I have a similar recipe for chocolate brownies!!! This is perfect for when you're low on ingredients or when you're the only chocoholic in the house to actually get acute cravings!

  10. Hi..this is my first visit here, wow this really fast and turns out well. Thanks for sharing...

  11. Wow Daisy !! Till now I did not know that chocolate cake can be prepared in 8 mins.. Add to that your cake looks delicious.

    Wonderful Recipe..


  12. Very interesting cake dear...sounds and looks so good...I am definitely going to try this...thanks for sharing this yummy recipe :)

  13. Your cake looks amazing, and that too baked under 10 minutes is a sure success :)

  14. This is amazing looks sinful!

  15. Looks sinful indeed..:)

    I have a Chocolate Cake event on my blog-Do check it out!!

  16. The cake is so tempting....and a quickie the click!

  17. quickest cake i have seen...easy and so yummy

  18. A yummy chocolate cake and that too done in less than 10 minutes...incredible...This is a very good recipe for a big chocolate lover like me:)

  19. Sirf theen minutes.... is very amusing & at the same time adorable.... Lovely to satisfy kids at one go...... & sometimes our own cravings too....


  20. Amazingly quick chocolate cake!!!

  21. Wonderful.....cake in 8 mins..will try it for sure :).

  22. thats definitely a delicious treat under 8 minutes. looks yummy to me.

  23. Wow Daisy, never baked a cake in a jiffy like such...cant wait to try out..

  24. i don't think anything can beat a quick dessert..and specially chocolate cake..:)

  25. wow 3 mins cake is awesome...m eager to try it soon...lovely recipe n cake as turned out so fluffy....yummm

  26. WOW, that looks good! That kind of thing is perfect for an evening snack when you can't find anything else. Most of those ingredients are usually kept on hand. Thanks for sharing!

  27. WOW! Yummy cake..Will try it sometime..

  28. coool! I'm hvaing a 'no bake cake' event, so maybe u cud send this enrty

  29. This is very innovative.. I am going to try it out soon..m a big choco fan

  30. can anything else like flaxmeal, vinegar used instead of enerG egg replacer?, This reciepe sure looks great!


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