Saturday, March 6, 2010

Award Time

Swapna Sridhar has shared the Honest Scrap award to me.Though I wrote down my first post on October, I still kept on updating my personal blog (you can read it if you please :)..) and started becoming a regular food blogger only after February 2010. And now to see that my blog has hit 320+ visitors since Feb 24 makes me happy.In so little time I have known a lot of good cooking people(you all ofcourse ;) ) and learnt new dishes. 

Okay end of blah..blah..blah...

Coming to the award,the rules are to list 10 odd things about me. So here they are ,

  • I love pink color so much that I even have a pinky laptop on which I type :)
  • I am very afraid of dogs.
  • I hate to wake up to a dirty kitchen and clean my sink then and there!
  • I enjoy having my morning tea looking out of the window.
  • I go crazy for curtains and bedspreads.
  • I met my husband first at work ;)
  • My hair is the best thing that I like in me.
  • I am wearing contact lens since std.10 and very conscious to wear glasses
  • Fab India is my favorite shop in India.
  • I made a terrible car crash learning to drive.Luckily I escaped unhurt.

Hmm.. that was a quick ten.Thanks for reading !!

I pass on the award to the following people,
Malar Gandhi
Cool Lassi(e)

Happy Weekend everybody !!


  1. Hi daisy,

    I too have started to blog since Jan 10 onwards. Nice to know that you too have joined such an imaginative and fabulous food blog world.

    Hope to see more posts from you.


  2. It seems we have many things in common .FabIndia is my favourite shop and I too slowly sip my tea looking out of the window watching the birds,squirrels and plants.And you know my best thing is my long silky straight hair .

  3. Congratulations dear!!!!

    Nice to know more abt u :-)

  4. Enjoyed ur write-up in the personal blog. Congrats on ur award and glad to know 10 honest things abt u :):)


  5. Congrats and glad to know more about u..

  6. Dear,
    Congrats on the award! You deserved it. And, plenty thanks for the award! I am honored to receive it from you. I accept the rules and I will post about that in a couple of days! Happy weekend dear.

  7. Congrats on your award and nice to know you bit about you..I am also scarred of dogs..;-((

  8. Congrats on the award buddy. And thank you so much for sharing it with me, it means so much:):)

  9. Congrats on ur well desrved award&nice 2 know more abt u...

  10. Oh! that was really kind of you to remember me..... I am humbled..... And I accept it with all my heart....
    KUDOS !!!! & THANKS!!!!


  11. Congratulations on your award and good to have you in the cooking blog circle

  12. Congrats on all your awards dear..thatz so nice of you to pass it to me...thanks :) was nice reading about you :)

  13. congrats,we all know that honesty is the best policy.the given award and what you share is really nice.

  14. Congrats on the awards!! Happy Blogging!!

  15. Hey Daisy, Thats a nice list :)

    I love pink too, but i don't have pink laptop, hubby dear will kill me if i get

    Fab India used to be my favorite shop too when i was in India, i had so many chakkars to that shop to check if they got a new collection and if they did i got to have it...hehehe
    But aaah no Fab India here :(

    I made a terrible car crash back in graduation days and mom banned me from driving only now after moving to Europe i started driving again, but still i normally try to find ways i don't have to drive, only compulsion makes me drive and thats only once or twice a week !

    It was nice to know a bit about you reading this 10 list :)

  16. congrats on ur award..nice to knw more abt u..I m also scared of dogs :)

  17. congats on Award dear..It nice to know abt you..

  18. hi daisy...congrats for ur awards, nice 2 know abt u...

  19. Congrats on your awards!!! Nice to know more about you


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